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Sanofi Sets Its Sights on RIPK1 in ALS

A new licensing deal sets the stage for clinical testing of the RIPK1 inhibitor DNL747 in ALS.
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Potential SOD1 ALS Gene Therapy Right on Target Scientists Say

No off-target effects of a SOD1-lowering gene therapy could be detected in a preclinical analysis.
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Identifying Environmental Risk Factors in ALS

To identify environmental risk factors, scientists may need to study inherited cases of ALS.
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A New Study Raises Questions About How Axons Degenerate in ALS

A new study stokes the debate about whether to target SARM1 in ALS.
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A New Test for C9orf72 ALS?

A new approach may enable the rapid detection of C9orf72 repeat expansions in larger cohorts including GWAS.
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Traffic Tie-up May Lead to ALS, Scientists Say

The discovery of a new ALS gene may provide insight into why neurons degenerate in the disease.
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Missing Connections May Explain Cognitive Challenges in ALS

Cognitive challenges may occur in ALS due to the loss of key synapses in the brain.
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Clinicians Work Up an Approach to Confirm ALS Diagnosis

An emerging diagnostic test may help confirm the diagnosis of ALS – reducing the delay.
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An Emerging Clinical Trial Endpoint Gathers Strength in ALS

An emerging endpoint may help test potential ALS drugs in the clinic more quickly in a smaller sample size.
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Scientists Go for the Gut in ALS

A new study aims to determine whether key microbial changes in the gut may be associated with ALS.
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Retrotransposons Jump into the Mix in ALS

Retrotransposons buried in the genome may become reactivated in ALS, contributing to neurotoxicity.
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Early Inflammation May Play a Role in FTD

Inflammation may contribute to the onset of at least one form of FTD.
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Michelle Pflumm

Michelle Pflumm is an independent scientific editor and writer currently focusing on the neurosciences. An experienced multimedia journalist, she has covered the latest in science and medicine for Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, the ALS Research Forum and ALS Today. A huge NPR fan, Michelle also produced two stories for WBUR’s World of Ideas. In 2010, she worked as a multimedia content developer at Children’s Hospital Boston and in 2008, as a scientific editor for Nature Methods. She holds a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of California, Berkeley, a B.A. in Chemistry from Haverford College and a M.S. in Science and Medical Journalism from Boston University.